Did it. @iamzulu !! Egg on top of a veggie patty! Although, mine just looks like scrambled eggs because I doubled the eggs for Evie and I! Delicious. Thanks for sharing your quick & tasty ideas. #food #veggie
June bloom! #sewing #june
Sunset & Sand baby! #balboa #vfactorygirl
Follow my talented dear friend @seasonsofbrittan www.seasonsofbrittan.com + follow @vfactorygirl {that’s my work insta} !
3rd Mar 201318:23
Agree. #sandiego #zoo
Earlier on the flight… #spencerandjena #maui (Taken with Instagram)
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I’m considering dying my luscious brunette locks blonde and styling it like Bridgette Bardot everyday. There’s a 99.9% chance I won’t do it, but…that one percent…
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model blog
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